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With over 15 years of expierence in the Technology industry, we really have seen it all. Our team is constantly striving to improve our methods and procedures to ensure the best outcome of any of your Data Recovery or IT needs.    

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ioLogik has assisted all types of business in multiple industries.


With experience with over 25,000 recoveries we have extensive experience with all manufactures.
We have the answers you need to keep your data safe and know the best devices to use in order to do so.    .

Managed Service Packages

We offer different plans that include the requirements of modern startups and businesses like yours. They are provided in monthly and yearly configurations according to your needs.


From $399 per month
  • Maximum Users
  • 2 hours per month
  • Remote Support
  • Advance AV Protection
  • Backup Service
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From $699 per month
  • Maximum Users
  • Advance AV Protection
  • 4 hours per month
  • Remote Support
  • Cloud Backup Service upto 2tb
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From $1,499 per month
  • Maximum Users
  • Advance AV Protection
  • Remote Support
  • 8 hours per month
  • Cloud Backup Service upto 8tb
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IT Managed Solutions

Services designed to keep the techology that runs your business running so you can focus on what you're good at. We keep your data backed up with the top leading services available in today's market.

Data Recovery

Losing data sucks, we are here to get it back. We have expierence with over 25,000 different types of recoveries. Whether you have a broken hard drive, SSD, Laptop, iPhone or other mobile device we have the latest tools and techology to get your data back for you so you can breathe easy. With being ranked top in AZ via DesignRush we take pride in hearing back from our customers on how we can improve our services for you.

Data Privacy

Here at ioLogik we strive in keeping your data safe. From the moment you check in to the moment your information ships, we keep your information private and do not sell any of it to third parties.